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Building The Future of Neuropsychiatry

A Global Network for Clinicians and Researchers

Challenging Mind -Body Dualism, One Project at a Time

We are a group of clinicians and researchers with an interest in neuropsychiatry. We seek to promote greater exposure to neuropsychiatry in clinical training, and boost public awareness of relevant research.

Frequent posts and content on new developments and impactful articles in the world of neuropsychiatry

Several ongoing projects exploring neuropsychiatric effects of COVID-19 and monkeypox. Both junior and senior researchers welcome to get involved

Regular journal club with international expert panellists discussing recent landmark neuropsychiatric papers and their impact

Repository of Clinical Knowledge

We aim to provide a living repository of clinical neuropsychiatric knowledge, providing regular updates based on latest evidence

The Future is Neuropsych,
Collaboration Is Key

The group's origins can be traced back to our humble beginnings as a weekly blog providing regular summarised updates of the latest research on the neuropsychiatry of COVID-19. 

The blog rapidly expanded into a dedicated site and database, with members from all across the globe collaborating to catalogue the rapidly evolving literature. Through this collaboration we were also able to carry out in-depth systematic reviews and meta-analyses.


Wanting to make the most of what we believe to be one of the largest collaborative groups of neuropsychiatrists worldwide, we sought to create this site as a hub for all things neuropsychiatry related.

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